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Wonderful Wooden House Casey Key Guest House Design by TOTEMS Architecture

June 23, 2011 Architecture  

modern wooden house design

A house is a building or structure that has the ability to be occupied for dwelling by human beings.  Now..! we featuring Casey Key Guest House, is diferent with another house located in Florida. The Owner requested a design that was a “house in the trees”. A small program, including one bedroom, bath, living area with kitchenette, and a loft is organized to provide privacy between a neighboring property to the north, while offering broad views of the oak hammock to the south and west, and the intercoastal waterway to the east. The ground floor includes a small storage room for kayaks, and a covered deck. The loft interior, defined primarily by the curved beams, alludes to the aquatic bay environment, and wooden boat hull construction. Ship lap cypress siding is used to clad the exterior walls and interior curved wall”. Very unique wooden house  for more information please visit TOTEMS Architecture

contemporary wooden house design

beautiful wooden house

unique wooden house

wooden house casey key guest house

modern wooden house design interior

badroom casey key guest house

amazing wooden house design interior

beautiful wooden house design interior

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