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With 74 Square Meters, Featuring Modern Two-Room Apartment

May 8, 2011 Apartments  

dynamic kitchen area

Only with 74 square meters and modern two-room apartment style looks very charming and a perfect place for relaxation. With the open living room is the social heart of the house and has high ceilings, walls painted in immaculate white oak flooring, large windows and lovely. Touches of color brighten the interior and along with the elements with tables and chairs. The balcony is beautiful and very strategic to enjoy the view suround apartment. The bathroom and room loundry is very dynamic, combined with a black and  white color  looks very elegant.   The atmosphere seemed fresh and charming,  will be  feel when we enter these apartments,  charming contemporary apartment,  how about you.  For more information visit the web Alvhem

modern living room design

modern living room and kitchen area

modern living room area design

charming living room design

modern bedroom design

modern bedroom area

modern kitchen design

beautiful kitchen decor

lovely hall design

beautiful balcony design

beautiful bathroom design

elegant loundry area

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