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White Table Cup Lamp Designed by Yeongwoo Kim

March 2, 2011 Lighting  

white cup lamp Yeongwoo Kim

A white table cup lamp the  light flows like water poured from a cup. Creates an interesting atmosphere and makes you think that you always have something to clean. It is a dynamic light. That seems to flow continuously and creates a dynamic environment. It is as flowing as long as you can not stop even for just one second. When the lights of this cup  placed on the table seem elegance , the atmosphere is fun, flowing and light up our days to  activities. Very dynamic is perfect to accompany a relaxing time at home. When you turn off the light, dim light emitting warm air and make more sleep easy. It conserves energy by using LED light.

Pouring light Yeongwoo Kim

white cup lamp

white table lamp

unique cup lamp Yeongwoo Kim

cup lamp  Pouring

clever white cup lamp design

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