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White Interior Design Inspiration by Susanna Cots

September 21, 2011 Interior Design  

modern interior design inspiration by susanna cots

Located in Almuñecar, Granada, and interior house almost using with white colors and divided into five zones designed by Susanna Cots. This house designed to accommodate up to five people, Of course, it could be all white, and so there are variations and touches of color. The living room is probably the brightest room. It has a very high ceiling, white walls, white ceiling and large windows. All these elements help to create the impression of a larger space. The dining room is separated from the rest of the house clear glass doors. The kitchen is mostly white walls, white glass. It is open to an outdoor terrace, ideal for breakfast or coffee. The children rooms, where the smaller rooms and a living room, is the only area where we have applied a touch of soft color like pink. Last, the guest area at the bottom of the home, along with outdoor pool, has worked with the same pavement outside to further integrate the outside inside and get merged into a single space. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes

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white living room

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furniture living room by susanna cots

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bedroom design by susanna cots

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