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White Beautiful 76 m2 Apartment in Sweden

February 6, 2011 Apartments  

white living room apartment design

White beautiful apartment in Sweden  consisting of 3 rooms plus kitchen and stretching over a surface of 76 m2. This  building initially built in 1904. Much of the original charm of the turn of the century is preserved in the form of 2.85-meter high ceilings, a beautiful stucco ceiling clean, fine moldings and double doors. Despite this, they look for in a newly renovated apartment with a fresh and modern look, inspired by a welcoming feeling. The room is bright and airy, with an extensible sofa, a traditional fireplace. White walls, white tiled floor and stunning window and beautiful decoration.  Looks fresh and modern,  this apartment shows us that space is not a problem if you have ideas

white apartment design

cozy white apartment

traditional fireplace design

hall white apartment

wall decor white foto frame

white bedroom idea

hall with wooden floor

minimalist kitchen area

modern kitchen design

minimalist dinning area

white bathroom design

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