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Unique Concrete Side Table Design by Souda – Kreten Side Table

May 16, 2013 Furniture  

Concrete Side Table Design Souda

The side table strong and simple inspired by tree trunks with holes in the middle, this organic aesthetic is complemented by a lightly concrete with unique shape  ( tree trunks ) looks cute and fresh in home interior.


Here’s description from souda:

“Kreten Side Tables are the result of a concrete molding process used to create smooth, industrial organic side tables that breathe life into an often-quotidian material. Each table is formed in a rubberized-fabric that is filled with fiberglass reinforced concrete. The weight of the concrete, in conjunction with the stretch of the fabric allows each table to take on a unique form.”


Kreten Side Table designed by  Isaac Friedman-Heiman, Shaun Kasperbauer and Luft Tanaka, also known as Souda. Enjoy the photos.!

Concrete Side Table Design by Souda

Concrete Side Table Souda

unique side table Sauda

Concrete Side Table by Souda

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