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Unique Armchairs Made from Traditional Scooter Spares

January 7, 2014 Chair & Sofa  

unique chairs by Iconic Design

Manufactured by Iconic Design, each Lambretta chair is made from traditional scooter spares. Available in base color of body Lambretta ( traditional Lambretta colors, white black, red black).  The upholstery is made of 100% leather and can be colored, though black is standard. Each seat is finished with either leather or stitching a double pipe. Wood top Panel embroidered with the logo of Lambretta. Quality used seat mechanism, which gives full swivel, tilt and height adjust. These are all mounted on a base of polished aluminum wheels, with Designer finish from distance this Chair looks unique and featuring traditional nuance in your rooms.

scooter chairs Iconic Design

armchair scooter  Iconic Design

unique chair Lambretta

unique chair Iconic Design

armchairs scooter by Iconic Design

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