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The Savyon Wood House Design by Alroy Hazack Architects

November 21, 2011 Architecture  

Savyon wood house design

Savyon Wood House located  in Savyon,Israel, occupies beautiful landscape and surrounded by pine tree, designed by Alroy Hazack. Its steel structure with wooden frames create continuity with the property both from the exterior views and from within the home. The house has three wings: one wing of wood and metal, a bedroom wing and the wing of services. The kitchen is well suited to the style of the house, inviting in their simplicity, wide glass windows are the perfect way to admire the beautiful landscape that surrounds it and allows the light free entry, making the room look bright and fresh, they have area of ​​the library and you can take a break to reading your favorite book. Every room is simple and modern at the same time and every furniture piece and every object seems to tell a happy-ending story, no matter the corner of the house you find yourself in. Savyon house reflects the comfort of a residence with a natural feel and are able to eliminate boredom living in urban areas

modern house design Savyon

modern living room Savyon House

modern interior Savyon House

modern interior design Savyon House

family room Savyon House

wooden kitchen design Savyon House

private swimming pool Savyon House

modern outdoor Savyon House

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