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The Printing Press Factory Redesign by Beauparlant Design

February 18, 2011 Apartments  

Modern living by beauparlant design

Riverdale loft it was originally a printing press factory in Toronto but we redesign, Our design is focused on the kitchen, living room and dining room. We used this renewal as an opportunity to expand  bulkheads, update and change the position of the mechanical systems and improve access to public spaces. The kitchen was redesigned and expanded under the stairs to create a better way of travel and the space division. Carpentry custom colors, natural finishes and muted were used to create a more cohesive. Modern furniture pieces combined with unique color creates inviting conversation seats in the lounge, while the monochromatic cabinets and tile in the kitchen quiet, make comfy and elegant. The design intent was to accentuate original features, and give attention to the quality of living in a loft. More information please visit the Beauparlant Design

modern riverdale loft beauparlant design

living room riverdale loft beauparlant design

modern kitchen riverdale loft beauparlant design

modern kitchen design in riverdale loft beauparlant

contemporary kitchen modern  beauparlant design

cozy  riverdale loft by beauparlant design

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