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The Modern Dwelling by Optimizing the Roof Architecture Design

November 23, 2011 Architecture  

modern dwelling house CHRIST.CHRIST

Situated in Wiesbaden, Germany, the modern dwelling by optimizing the roof architecture design is a masterpiece of contemporary urban developments. Modern house with 2 levels called House S was recently renovated by German studio CHRIST.CHRIST. Associated Architects. The roof line creates new opportunities in residential housing, especially as the new families of four living here need more space, but not enough room on the property to build more. Here some word from the architect : “The new structure creates zones with different characteristics: in the south-west of a meadow with a small apple tree in the north of a paved courtyard with a pine tree and on the east by a terrace with a magnolia. In one of the new tables in the master bedroom where dressing room and bathroom are located. The two boxes of other functions as living room and home office staff of the owners. On the first floor, the walls of almost all the facilities and withdrew, so a large living room can be created. An open kitchen was placed in the middle of the living room. This plant also includes the children’s bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom. On the ground floor one bedroom and one accessory apartment is located. By using triple-glazed windows and insulation in a building very energy efficient could be optimized”. This is modern dwelling by optimizing the roof and balanced architecture design, is gracefulness for urban houses.

modern House S by CHRIST.CHRIST

modern house design by CHRIST.CHRIST

modern house design CHRIST.CHRIST

minimalist modern house CHRIST.CHRIST

modern roof design  House S

modern roof CHRIST.CHRIST

elegant roof CHRIST.CHRIST

House S modern roof 9


big windows at roof House S

modern roof design CHRIST.CHRIST


modern interior design CHRIST.CHRIST

modern interior House S

modern kitchen on House S

modern living room area on House S

modern living room design CHRIST.CHRIST

white kitchen design CHRIST.CHRIST

modern stair CHRIST.CHRIST

white stair on House S

modern bathroom design CHRIST.CHRIST

modern bathroom design on House S

white bathroom on House S

modern shower House S

plan home House S 1

plan home House S 2

plan home House S 3

plan home House S 4

plan home House S 5

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