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Tetris Game Inspire an Innovative Furniture by Pedro Machado

November 8, 2011 Furniture  

innovative furniture T@tris

People really love Tetris and T@tris Furniture brings the cool concept to provide great storage space in an efficient and colorful way. Designed by Lisbon-based designer Pedro Machado, this solution for small spaces takes the well-known form of Tetris puzzle pieces and displays them in a versatile volume that can come in handy in many situations. All the pieces can be pulled to shape different furniture pieces – two square blocks on each side and a flat surface on top can become a table with two chairs. Other pieces are drawers and can accommodate different personal items. The overall design allows the user to interact with this versatile piece of furniture and create a personalized function. Is very innovative furniture design that allows for storage space and multi-function furniture.

modern furniture design T@tris

tetris  modern furniture design T@tris

tetris cabinet furniture T@tris

unique furniture T@tris

tetris furniture design T@tris

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