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Strong and Flexible Furniture by Carolien Laro

May 9, 2011 Furniture  

flexible chairs by Carolien Laro

After graduating from the Arts Academy St Joost and Amsterdam Wood and Furniture College. The  Dutch designer Carolien Laro has created the Spring Wood collection of seating.  Carolien wanted to bring two contradictions of wood together  rigidity and flexibility. The collection includes a three-seater bench and three stools, one on wheels, one without and another with folded steel legs, all with pliable wooden seats. Spring Wood seems very simple but it isn’t  it is very complex and laborious.

elastic chair Carolien Laro

flexible furniture by Carolien Laro

simple chairs Carolien Laro

simple chair design by Carolien Laro

strong and flexible chair design Carolien Laro

simple and fleible seating by Carolien Laro

strong and flexible chair Carolien Laro

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