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Striking Orange Box South Yarra House Design by LSA Architects

November 16, 2011 Architecture  

striking orange box house South Yarra

South Yarra House contemporary design with striking orange ‘box’ at first floor, designed by LSA Architects and is an incredible contemporary home located in Melbourne, Australia. In a neighborhood that is dense in various architecture styles, the architects wanted a residence that stands out.  Focusing on volume, color and glazing, were the main elements used for allow natural light admission, rather than on implementing expensive materials, positively impacted the project budget.  This is description from architects “An orange box is the first floor can be seen from as far away as the end of the street. On entering the house, the white roof suddenly gives way to the top of this insertion form, reminding the viewer of their relationship with the volume of colors. Crystals arched sides of the dining area physically separates the inside from the outside, however, allows views from the roof of orange wrap dress form the outer walls of the first plant, increasing the connection to the outside and the building as a whole ” This is beautiful house with striking box orange with contemporary design that will be modern house design inspiration.

modern house South Yarra

contemporary house South Yarra

modern interior design South Yarra

modern living room  South Yarra

dining area South Yarra

home interior design South Yarra

bathroom design South Yarra

house plan South Yarra 1

house plan South Yarra 2

house plan South Yarra 3

house plan South Yarra 4

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