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Striking Minimalist Apartment Design Interior in Poland

February 22, 2013 Apartments  

living room minimalist apartment Minimal Studio Architects

These modern  minimalist apartment design interior, by occupying 90 square meters and located in Warsaw, Poland. These apartments take white themes and combined gray, black and brown, brown  at cozy sofa furniture, the apartment exudes an elegant,  yet modern atmosphere. The open plan living and dining room is the core of the house. It is here where you will find a very comfortable sofa, a contemporary fireplace, interesting storage units and subtle lighting additions. The children bedroom decor, same with another bedrooms, but looks chic and eye catching. For more information visit Minimal Studio Architects

minimalist apartment design interior Minimal Studio Architects

living area minimalist apartment Minimal Studio Architects

minimalist apartment designMinimal Studio Architects


minimalist apartment Minimal Studio Architects

minimalist bedroom design Minimal Studio Architects

modern bathroom Minimal Studio Architects

bathroom minimaslit apartment Minimal Studio Architects

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