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Spend The Summer in Luxury Villa Mallorca

March 31, 2011 Villa  

modern living room villa malorca

Is elegant and refined in its architectural lines, high-level materials, this modern and luxurious Villa Mallorca helps to spend long summer days outdoors. The living room has natural light through large windows with soft carpet and a white sofa designed by Luis Antonio Citterio Mart for B & B Italia. The kitchen is designed with black shade with shiny floor looks elegant and comfortable. The Alexander Von Waberer architect and interior designer Isabel Jover brought to life his dream of spending their holidays in the sun on the island. The villa is spacious enough for large families. The customer chooses a project to build modern with clean lines and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun from every room. Comfortable with generous spaces and airy, the villa was decorated with elegant modern furniture in natural shades.

luxury living room villa malorca

modern bedroom villa malorca

modern kitchen villa malorca

elegent kitchen villa malorca

modern teraace villa malorca

luxury villa malorca

modern bathroom villa malorca

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