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Specific Style Interior Décor Ideas from Denise Fogarty’s

November 1, 2011 Interior Design  

living room design Denise Fogarty

Denise Fogarty’s is mostly known for her bright and fresh interior designs like in living room, kitchen, and dining area.  Here are some examples interior designs from Denise Fogarty : In living room : Notice how beautifully the vibrant colors combined with the furniture and carpets or floors. There are many interesting details of the rooms that she designed. For example, the combination of styles, from classical music to ancient and modern. This is very fresh and wonderful views. And now in kitchen area :  It’s actually a subtle adaptation of the contemporary white kitchen but this time with light blue walls. The furniture has also been carefully chosen and it’s a combination between modern shapes and elegant classical details. An odd addition to the kitchen is that computer desk. Last in dining area: With soft colors like the green tone used for the walls and the little matching details like the pattern from the chairs or the decorative pillows. Again, we have an eclectic décor. The chandelier is both modern and antique and the chairs are quite striking. These are just a few examples illustrating the interior decors Denise Fogarty is able to create. Discover to find interior decor ideas for your home and enjoy picture below.

condo living room Denise Fogarty

living room Denise Fogarty

kitchen design Denise Fogarty

Picture 18189

kitchen design by Denise Fogarty

dining room Denise Fogarty

minimalist dining area Denise Fogarty

family room Denise Fogarty

home office area Denise Fogarty

Picture 18198

rose bedroom Denise Fogarty

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