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Smart Sofa for a Small Living Space by Seungji Mun – Cat Tunnel Sofa

February 21, 2013 Chair & Sofa  

smart design  sofa Seungji Mun

Cat tunnel sofa  provides solutions for people and animals in one a small living room, designed by Seungji Mun. “Companion animals are no longer pets but positioned as companions of people” more than ten million people in Korean living with pets, one of them are a cat.  This will provides a new solution for people to make a living room more comfortable for the owner and pets.
Besides the tunnel, which doubles as a backrest for human sitters in the living room, your cats can play hide in the tube, A hole in the tunnel’s midsection allows cats to interact with the person.  This solution for small spaces like living room that will be solves the space problems for both humans and their feline friends.
Cat tunnel sofa provides answers for the increasing number of companion animals in Korea.  This cat tunnels sofa is comfortable design for human and pets…..So how do you think…

furniture sofa cat tunnel sofa Seungji Mun

innovations sofa Seungji Mun

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