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Smart Kids Bathroom Design by Sonia – Lesson 1

March 10, 2012 Kids Bathroom  

smart kids batroom design Sonia

Almost parent see and heard  their kids do not brush their teeth long enough, are always in a hurry to wash their hands or they do not take enough time for bathing.  Perhaps the nuance bathroom less fun, decorating a bathroom or bathroom space is so boring. To day,  featuring funny combination of bathroom and educational for our children by Sonia. Incredible, so cute and sure to appeal to the little ones’ sense of fun and curiosity, this line boasts vibrant colors, playful shapes and illustrations inspired by characters by illustrator and designer Sandra Valencia Navarro (a.k.a. Lalalimola) that motivate and teach kids about personal hygiene. Education of children is very important instilled early on, difficult tasks must start from the base. This will form the character of the child to be independent, respect for the environment and the properly use of the bathroom. Smart kids bathroom design by Sonia will be make our kids  to motivate children about the importance of personal hygiene.

kids bathroom furniture Sonia

kids bathroom Sonia

kid bathroom by Sonia Lesson 1

bathroom furniture Sonia

kids bathroom decor Sonia

kids bathroom ideas Sonia

kids bathroom accessories Sonia

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