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Sleek and Stylish Belly Desk Designed by Steuart Padwic

May 22, 2013 Furniture  

sleek table design Steuart Padwic

Sleek and stylish called  Belly Desk designed by Steuart Padwic from British, It would enhance any work office . In an interior scheme, this table has the advantage of being large without taking up too much of space.


Here’s description from designer :

“The Belly Desk is an elegantly understated design. Featuring a curvaceous and full figured top with a storage underbelly, this desk maintains a deceptively slender silhouette with subtly sloping lines and smooth tapered legs. Its painted tabletop is perfectly balanced on solid oak legs, highlighting the purity of its form and providing rich contrast that warms any modern office or entryway. One deep drawer on traditional wooden runners offers ample storage space to conceal various gadgets, tools, and documents and keep its spacious surface free of clutter”.


Belly Desk consists of many colors bright and delicate finish and easy to clean, Enjoy the pothos..!

modern desk Belly Desk  Steuart Padwic

blue modern desk Steuart Padwic

modern and sleek desk Belly Desk

office desk Steuart Padwic

simple office desk Steuart Padwic

wooden legs desk Steuart Padwic

modern desk design Steuart Padwic

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