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Single Family Residence by LineBox Studio – Lighthouse

February 10, 2011 House Design  

modern residence lighthouse design

Lighthouse single family residence located in Ottawa, the design is based on a”vertical stacking of both open and closed spaces and minimal details that establish an ascending hierarchy of social and private spaces. Almost every room using the wooden floor, the living room walls are white with large windows placed so that the free entry of light into the room so will look bright and clean. The furniture used are modern and well choosen to create a interesting contrast seen at room kitchen and other rooms. Formed by the unique site conditions and lifestyle of a busy modern family,  the need for privacy and connectivity will being met. If you want more detailed information please visit our web LineBox

lighthouse living room

modern living room lighthouse

modern residence lighthouse

modern furniture in residence

modern residence  lighthouse

modern kitchen and dinning area

modern kitchen  design

modern residence design

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