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Profit Concept Kitchen Living Room Open Floor Plan

May 22, 2012 Kitchen Design  

Kitchen Living Room open floor design

Living rooms and the kitchen is the main place in a home, with open concept designs like kitchen living room open floor plan, this will give a comfortable space for the inhabitants of the House, where families can gather to feel peaceful or chatting with friends and even neighbors.

kitchen living room open floor plan

It includes a kitchen, living room and dining area. Notice for kitchen living room open floor plan, is very important the color scheme and decoration that's will affect the modern or contemporary style. Furniture is set out into the space but allows for adequate traffic flow. Also, notice the low profile of all the furniture. It doesn’t obstruct the view from one end of the space to the other and allows conversation to drift easily across the different zones.

open floor  plan house designs

Decorating an open concept will easier for us in doing homework, we can keep an eye on our child or listen to talk of friends or family, without losing time to cook.

modern kitchen open floor plan

modern open floor kitchen living room design

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