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NYC Residence With an Amazing View of Downtown

January 23, 2011 Interior Design  

apartment NYC Residence

NYC Rresidence brimming with cool loft design ideas,  perched on the 61st floor on a metropolitan tower overlooking Central Park. This apartment is colored by unusual furniture, white color for wall accessories and vibrant pops of color against the minimalist interiors to draw the eye and invite further exploration. Suitable for a family of four with two children, communal living space is in the middle of the master bedroom and children’s rooms, hidden behind a trap door in the library above, thereby providing a picture and sound buffer. I could describe the end result has a ranch cowboy atmosphere monastery + + 80 …Kitchen and dining room is the only one wrapped in waxed concrete thereby giving it a theatrical touch, especially when viewed from the rest of the apartment  that is coated bleached pine and soft colors. Bathroom with white looks clean and bright a comfortable residential.[theapt]

living room NYC residence

modern livingrom NYC residence

TV longue NYC residence


lounge and downtown views

harmonic space NYC residence

work space NYC residence

cozy bedroom NYC residence

beautiful of vews downtown apartment NYC Residence


dinning table and kitchen NYC residence

modern kitchen NYC residence


modern bathroom NYC residence


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