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Natural stools design from Riva 1920

November 8, 2013 Furniture  

stools collection riva 1920

Collection from Riva 1920 always surprises and excited us with his designs, they are not colorful and so natural. The craftsmen really set their imagination free and created solid wood stools that mock objects of the day-to-day life such as a bucket, a tire, a washing machine and many others. Most of the pieces are designed in house, by Maurizio Riva and Davide Riva, but some are created by international designers. Even though they have an immediate functionality as stools, they actually don’t really need one. They can be used as decoration objects for their artistic rather than functional value.  If you want to make your home have a natural atmosphere,  take a look at  collection Riva 1920.

natural stools riva 1920

modern stools riva 1920

solid wood stool riva 1920

natural stools by  riva 1920

books stools riva 1920

unique stools riva 1920

unique stools by riva 1920

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