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Multifunctional and Innovative Honeycomb Desk by Anna and Marek Lorens

September 12, 2011 Furniture  

unique honeycomb desk by anna and marek lorens

Designers from Warsawa Anna and Marek Lorens has successfully created a new desaign namely a table that reminds you on a honeycomb. This of such consists from a number of hexagonal elements with the composition of neutral colors. This table made ​​from materials of plywood and aluminum. This table also has a variety of configurations and can also be downsized. This table also multifunctional because can either be used as a desk within an office environment or as an decorative element of a living room.  you may open the drawers and  may insert any you want. The design is rather neutral so you may put it in your office or home. This table can you buy for your child, because this table is ideal to hide toys and drawing tools inside it. Decorative elements on the table is no doubt because it is very creative for every space and any environment. For information please  visit { klarchitekci }

multifunction honeycomb desk

modern honeycomb desk by anna and marek lorens

innovative honeycomb desk design by lorens

creative honeycomb desk by anna and marek lorens

simple honeycomb desk design by lorens

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