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Mosi House, The Single-Storey Building Remodeled by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

March 1, 2012 Architecture  

contemporary house design

Location in South Africa, to creating a perfect synergy between exterior and interior,  Mosi House  remodeled  by Nico van der Meulen Architects and was commissioned to design this home according to the owner’s specifications. this company are very  creative with used a combination of white ,soft colors and dark in furniture to create a contemporary and luxury space, and as a result of an impeccable renovation, the house is divided into public and private spaces. To enter the private areas of the home, one must cross a bridge above a new internal water feature which breaks the public and private spaces, separating the entrance hall and study from the private home. Or you can enjoy outside with panoramic views of Africa and beyond where you will be pleased to have sunbathing or star showering through the whole night.

private swimming pool Mosi House

modern house design Mosi House

interior design Mosi House

contemporary living room Mosi House

modern interior design Mosi House

modern living room Mosi House

modern living room design Mosi House

work area Mosi House

family room Mosi House

lounge area Mosi House

modern interior in Mosi House

lounge sofa Mosi House

modern bedroom Mosi House

modern kitchen Mosi House

minimalist kitchens design Mosi House

dining set Mosi House

modern batroom Mosi House

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