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Modern Wooden Homes Design by Djuric Tardio Architects – Eco Sustainable House

June 8, 2012 Architecture  

modern wooden homes eco house

Striking modern wooden homes design,  was entirely built using wood panels is a private house and covers a surface of 286 meters.  “Eco Sustainable House” is amazing project designed by Djuric Tardio Architects almost house using wood.    It’s located in in a dense suburb of Paris, France. Idea behind this project was to build a house that was good-looking by using wood. The architects wanted to create a open structure and they chose wood for the materials.

roof eco house Djuric Tardio Architects

The most intriguing in modern wooden homes design is a spacious space for kids play, the unfinished roof give an unique effect and is suitable for a young couple with 2 children. Here some word from the architects : “on the one hand, it takes the archetype of the context, inserting the project in its environment without disrupting the urban rhythm, on the other hand, it won’t accommodate a closed roof that would become a catch-all attic or a wasted space. So we have inserted inhabitants in it, and have left it open by transforming it into a vegetable terrace, intimate and sunny“. The exterior was entirely covered with wooden membrane and basically this house is highly flexible due to the modular design approach.

modern wooden houses Djuric Tardio Architects

wood house design Djuric Tardio Architects

terrace eco house Djuric Tardio Architects

modern wooden homes Djuric Tardio Architects

outdoor eco house design

terrace eco house

house open plan Djuric Tardio Architects

dining table eco house Djuric Tardio Architects

modern eco house design

modern interior eco house Djuric Tardio Architects

kitchen area eco house

modern wooden homes eco house Djuric Tardio Architects

house plans 1

house plans 2

house plans 3

house plans 4

house plans 5

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