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Modern Wood Stoves The winner Design Plus 2011 Award

March 21, 2011 Fireplace  

modern stove collection stack adriano design

If you looking for modern wood stoves with an innovative design.  Even though it has just been launched, modern wood stoves has already won the Design Plus 2011 award at international furniture fair ISH in Germany. The modern wood stoves collection by Adriano Design, Stack provides warmth and style in an innovative vanguard design. Made of ceramic, this range is the environment – the burning of wood pellets – and is available in six rounds and three versions of a cube, with a variety of colors like red, black, green, blue and the others. Finished to suit different kitchen schemes. Being modular in structure, the stack is flexible, comes in different sizes and is easy to install. Offers up to 8 kW heat output and a thermal capacity of 230m3.  For more information, visit the Stack

modern wood stoves by stack

modern wood stoves adriano design

modern stove by   adriano design

modern wood stoves stack

wood stove design by adriano

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