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Modern Traditional Kitchen from Italian Country in Solid Oak

June 21, 2011 Kitchen Design  

modern and traditional kitchen design

Oak is a favorite choice, especially among builders, for kitchen cabinets. Oak cabinets are durable, relatively inexpensive and versatile. Arrex le cucine from Italian country  introduces Carola, a kitchen in solid oak, a precious wood symbol of nature and reliability, a perfect marriage between modern and traditional style and craftsmanship. With design aesthetic combined with the use of technologically advanced materials and accessories make kitchen looks perfect and elegant. Wonderfully suited for modern living and opulent  style.  LED lights and electrically controlled drawers gived nuance modern and advanced. Featuring in many soft color and shape, For complete information please visit Arrex site

modern white kitchen design by Arrex

traditional kitchen solid oak by Arrex

modern kitchen in solid oak by Arrex

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