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Modern Small Apartment Interior by Alvhem Makleri and Interior

April 11, 2013 Apartments  

modern small apartment  Alvhem Makleri

You would agree that this apartment  modern small apartment interior design by Alvhem Makleri and Interior. Amazing apartment comprised all-white apartment, that mean integrating personalized elements to create the perfect simple living space, for those who seek tranquility and a relaxed lifestyle. The interior designer has managed to create living room with kitchen being a comfortable and pleasant place. A small balcony to enjoy a relaxing morning and you’ve got a breathtaking view over the river and you can enjoy the urban landscape.  Using creative design approach, this apartment can turn into a cozy and spacious place to live in.

modern small apartment design Alvhem Makleri

Modern Small Apartment Interior Alvhem Makleri

modern apartment interior by Alvhem Makleri

modern interior  apartment Alvhem Makleri

cool apartment design interior Alvhem Makleri

minimalist kitchen design apartment Alvhem Makleri

small kitchen design apartment Alvhem Makleri

bedroom design apartment Alvhem Makleri

cool bedroom design apartment Alvhem Makleri

small balcony design apartment by Alvhem Makleri

small balcony apartment Alvhem Makleri

small bathroom design apartment Alvhem Makleri

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