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Modern Single Family Home in Mexico City – Valna House

January 18, 2013 House Design  

modern single family home Valna House

This is single family home located in the Santa Fe area in Mexico City. Occupies total surface area : 6,523 sq ft with two floor, the clean, white space is dominated by a large windows and when looking out to the greenery of natural and fresh gardens. The color palette is based on the authenticity of the materials such as wood at floor and furniture are amazing  color combinations, full of elegance and grace. Here’s the official explanation JSa Architecture : “Casa Valna is a single family home in a real estate development in the Santa Fe area in Mexico City. The first determining factor was to give the client a project that would make the most of the built surfaces without sacrificing the program. We faced several restrictions, which, instead of limiting us, pushed us to find an architectural solution in an “L” shape, to make it feel more spacious by joining the two gardens, front and back, and maximizing the depth of the plot. The resulting space is the composition axis of the project, a lineal sequence of spaces with different characters. All the main spaces of the house are subordinated to this axis and are incorporated visually and physically by large sliding and folding windows. The color palette is based in authentic materials, like exposed concrete, oil finished wood, gray limestone and plants.” Valna House by JSa Architecture is one that cannot possibly fail to evoke a positive reaction in lovers of  single family home design.

family home Valna House

living room Valna House

single family home Valna House

modern stair in single family home Valna House

hall single family home Valna House

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