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Modern Seats Sculptural Form Melting Towards the Floor – Morena

March 25, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

modern sofa morena

Morena is a modern seats sculptural form melting towards the floor ways to ensure that the flow of the elements together and create a really compelling. The combination of several elements offers many options, aided by the oblique lines that fit perfectly flowing over each other when the elements come together.  Many color you can choice like a white, red purple and combination of color. Majestic leather, warm and alive in fabric coverings. Morena seating is available in two mirror-image, each with a choice of two mirror-image back. Suitable when we were relaxing in the living room or an any rooms where the couch placed , because Morena is very flexible in place as desired.

modern white and gray sofa morena

modern purple with red sofa morena

dynamic sofa red and black

elegant sofa morena

Leolux melting sofa

chic sofa design morena

beautiful seat morena

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