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Modern Modular System Bagigio by Simone Micheli

September 18, 2011 Furniture  

modular furniture  system by simone micheli

Featuring the new furniture designs modular system,  have been designed by Simone Micheli called Bagigio . This furniture is one way to decorate a room with no limits equipped modular furnishing element . Whatever furnishings you may need – a space divider, a tall counter, a small coffee table, a statement piece or even a lighting solution,  you can count on Bagigio modular system. A modular element, unique yet capable of being joined with anything without limits, a three-dimensional representation of the symbol for infinity, born from the revolution of the symbol around is axes and at the same time a spatial macro image of a bipolar atomic link.  Bagigio  come in a variety of colors and three types of finishes, embossed, glossy or with incorporated light. A flexible solution, adaptable but with personality and clearly contemporary design. Feel free to use furniture that is highly innovative and versatile

modular design  by myyour

modular system element by myyour

modular system bagigio by simone micheli

modular systems bagigio by simone micheli

modern modular element by myyour

modular desk element system by myyour

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