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Modern Lounge Chair Design by Alvin Huang – Odyssey

November 17, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

odyssey lounge chair Alvin Huang

Odyssey is a lounge chair according to body shape, Singaporean designer Alvin Huang has created this lounge chair and perfectly to provide convenience to its users. A unique chairs shape, white color with modern stylish, so you can lie down comfortably. Odyssey could be one inspiration lounge chair of the perfect furniture and can be used as furniture to decorate your the lounge becomes more striking, you can place anywhere because recliner is designed with a slim shape. For more information visit Alvin Huang

odyssey lounge chair

modern lounge chair Alvin Huang

lounge chair design  Alvin Huang

odyssey lounge chair by Alvin Huang

odyssey white lounge chair

white lounge chair Alvin Huang

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