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Modern Living Spaces Design by Popov Bass – Mosman House

October 18, 2011 House Design  

modern living space Mosman House

Popov Bass completed design Mosman house and his story is about the transformation of old and obsolete in building a modern house. Mosman house was formerly used as defense barracks located Sideney, Austalia. Since the beginning of the modern house and the renovation of the building is impressive architectural expression of a neutral color comfort and quality, using the modern architecture in the old barracks¬† support, the architects wanted to “reveal the wealth of material through the clarity of the assembly,” so they maintain a steel tank hit square concrete dome roof was built. “This house up to 5 bedrooms on the 3rd floor room beds for kids, games and a garage on the ground floor, living room and bedroom All other numbers are regulated as follows:. The input from the ground, the upper level. Home library. Plan clearly a linear arrangement of accommodation and open space in the north, with areas of services and facilities in southern Picture “. at the end of your message, to give you a better understanding of the location of each level. The result is home will give you comfortable place with modern design interior is amazing.

modern house  Mosman House

modern house in Mosman House

hall in Mosman House

hall in Mosman House 1

hall in Mosman House 2

living room decor in Mosman House

living room picture in Mosman House

living room sets in Mosman House

modern living room in Mosman House

bedroom in Mosman House

wooden stair in Mosman House

spacious kitchen in Mosman House

bathroom in Mosman House

map house in Mosman House 1

map house in Mosman House 2

map house in Mosman House 3

map house in Mosman House 4

map house in Mosman House 5

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