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Modern Interior Design Whiting Way Residence in Denver, Colorado

November 5, 2011 House Design  

modern living room Whiting Way

Whiting Way Residence situated in the Hutchinson Hills neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Occupies 2,385 square foot open floor plan spreads over three levels including three bedrooms and three bathrooms and surrounded by natural green garden. Pure white walls were used to display art and complemented by the hardwood floors combined with modern furniture make this residence chic and elegant. Light filled interiors were obtained through the use of large windows and glass doors. An open terrace designed blend with the natural to enjoy trees and Perennials are Inspiring. You can buy this residence from Mile Hi Modern for $390,000.

modern living room design Whiting Way

living room furniture Whiting Way

elegant living room design Whiting Way

beautiful terrace design Whiting Way

modern terrace design Whiting Way

terrace design ideas Whiting Way

terrace design Whiting Way

terrace design Whiting Way Residence

modern dining table Whiting Way

dining table design Whiting Way

indoor garden in potted Whiting Way

kitchen designs Whiting Way

kitchen Whiting Way Residence

modern kitchen design Whiting Way

kitchen designs area Whiting Way

small dining table Whiting Way

elegant stairs Whiting Way

family room design Whiting Way

bedroom design Whiting Way

modern bedroom design Whiting Way

elegant family room Whiting Way

modern bathroom Whiting Way

open terrace design Whiting Way

outdoor furniture Whiting Way residence

beautiful Whiting Way Residence

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