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Modern House Design In a Perfect Forest Landscape by Robert Gurney Architect

May 30, 2013 House Design  

modern house design Robert Gurney Architect

This are modern house design in the middle of dense forest designed by Robert Gurney Architect, situated in Glen Echo,  Maryland, suburban Washington, DC,  is sited on a heavily wooded lot overlooking the Potomac River. The large expanses of glass in two level home providing the inhabitant closer with nature. A beautiful outdoor design with dark honey-colored wood floors, fireplace and pool complement the natural surroundings.


Here’s some project description from the Robert Gurney Architect :

“Structural pre-cast concrete planks are employed throughout the project in effort to expedite the construction process, span large open areas and to provide the ability to heat the house hydronically.  Combined with a 5” concrete slab and terrazzo flooring the structural system provides additional passive heating.  Large overhangs on the glazed southern wall and the tree canopy minimize solar gain in the summer.

Wood siding is combined with soft gray terne coated stainless steel and black steel window frames to provide an exterior material palette that fits comfortably in the landscape. Bluestone, gravel and water complete the palette.

Interior materials such as white terrazzo flooring, white oak cabinetry and aluminum compliment the light filled and minimally detailed space.  The creation of this atmosphere refocuses one’s attention outward, allowing the owner to reconnect with the inherently picturesque site already preserved through the design.”


Interiors of Wissioming Residence are cool and contemporary, with ever-present views from forest. The large window frames showing the outside view, white walls and ceilings bounce light around. Enjoy the photos..!

outdoor design Wissioming Residence

pool Wissioming Residence Robert Gurney Architect

cool exterior Wissioming Residence

modern house Robert Gurney Architect

contemporary house design Robert Gurney Architect

living room in Wissioming Residence

modern interior Wissioming Residence

cool bathrooms in Wissioming Residence

hall in Wissioming Residence

wood floor in Wissioming Residence

house plan 1 Wissioming Residence

house plan 2 Wissioming-Residence

house plan 3 Wissioming Residence

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