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Modern Home by Optimizing Indoor/Outdoor Connection – Haifa House

November 25, 2011 Architecture  

modern house Pitsou Kedem

Haifa House is modern house located in Haifa, Israel and occupies 1000 square feet by Pitsou Kedem Architects. The residence impresses due to an optimum indoor/outdoor connection, a generous and welcoming pool with a minimalist, contemporary interior design. The house was, as mentioned, designed around a spacious, high public constituting the connection point and provides a view of all wings of different households and the central courtyard and pool. To further strengthen the impact of the central area has been covered with concrete panels and a large library displayed on the wall as a central motif. A large window, the film allows light into deep space, creating movement and dynamism in the central wall. The architect has covered all areas of the expansive roof structures seems to be suspended, weightless in the air and float effortlessly, with no apparent means of support. Roof frames and consolidates the various parts of the structure with the apparent dissociation between the roof and the building of the creation of a dialogue impressive formal. By optimizing the connection between indoor/outdoor this house look very modern with international styling trends and is a ornament free design style.

modern house design Pitsou Kedem

modern home design Pitsou Kedem

modern home Pitsou Kedem

modern interior design Haifa House

modern living area Haifa House

private pool modern Haifa House

modern living room design Haifa House

modern living room Haifa House

living room design Haifa House

indoor garden on modern Haifa House

modern bedroom design Haifa House

modern bathroom Haifa House

stair on modern Haifa House

outdoor swimming pool design Haifa House

outdoor swimming pool Haifa House

private pool design Haifa House

private swiming pool Haifa House

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