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Modern Design Interior by Lori Dennis

January 20, 2011 Interior Design  

Modern design  interior by lori dennis

Lori Dennis very experienced in interior and exterior has won numerous awards and if you take a closer look, is just how much effort was put into each room and specializes in green residential design and this can be clearly seen throughout the interiors she works,  the designer is very carefully and  find the perfect solution for their dwelling. From quality, shapes and colours that fit perfectly,  quality furniture carefully chosen and   able to satisfy consumers. Almost every room using the floor of the timber, and put some lovely small trees in pots, this will inspire closeness with nature. Beauty in interior design makes the new atmosphere and we are confident you will be comfortable to live in this house. Lori Dennis Inc

Modern design  interior

Modern living room design  interior

Modern living room design  interior lori dennis

Modern bedroom design  interior

Modern bedroom design  interior  lori dennis

Modern lounge design  interior

Modern dinning table design  interior

Modern bathroom design  interior

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