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Modern Casa AA with Nature Surrounding by Pargue Humano

November 2, 2011 Architecture  

modern Casa AA Pargue Humano

Casa AA is allows residents to enjoy the natural scenery, even more close with nature surrounding. The AA House located in Mexico City, Mexico this project developed by Pargue Humano. The house was built and organized around an open landscape with L-shaped plan resulting from intersection of the central living/dining area and the rest of the room. It has floor to ceiling glass windows and walls that allow the users to enjoy the outside views. With wooden environment in interior design and combination with steel structure that provides stability, durability and also created a feeling of lightness, the barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces is not very big, the Casa AA is great for nature lovers. It’s a very nice retreat for those who want some privacy and feel the need to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Cassa AA modern house design Pargue Humano

modern house Pargue Humano

modern house design Pargue Humano

modern house Casa AA Pargue Humano

backyard Cassa AA Pargue Humano

family room Casa AA Pargue Humano

modern interior Casa AA Pargue Humano

modern interior design Casa AA Pargue Humano

living room Casa AA Pargue Humano

spacious living area Pargue Humano

private swimming pool Casa AA Pargue Humano

hall Casa AA Pargue Humano

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