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Modern Apartment Design Interior in Roma by David Coluzzi Architect

October 3, 2011 Apartments  

modern apartment by David Coluzzi

Modern apartment have lovely design and structuring layout modern interior, and designed by David Coluzzi Architect from italy. The main room in this apartment is living room; the living room features a wall screen to the living and dining room. This has a significant aesthetic, lightness and transparency of inspiration, but also extremely functional like this a home where a socializing became easier. Besides being use as a library miniature, the wall connects the kitchen to the dining room and bedroom.  A minimalist kitchen is fully designed and features a center island with Corian which opens into the living room by a large and elegant door that reveals the warmth of the modern fireplace. So when friends or family are gathered, they will feel comfortable and at ease living in this apartment.

home interior design by David Coluzzi

minimalist living room by David Coluzzi

modern living room David Coluzzi

minimalist apartment by David Coluzzi

hall apartment by David Coluzzi

home interior decor by David Coluzzi

minimalist kitchen by David Coluzzi

small apartment decorating by David Coluzzi

minimalist bathroom by David Coluzzi

small bathrooms by David Coluzzi

map of house by David Coluzzi

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