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Modern Apartment Design Interior by Tectus

October 26, 2011 Interior Design  

modern apartment design interior Tectus

This is modern apartment interior located in Heraklion city presented by Greek interior design company Tectus.  The apartment features a minimalist design with materials such as wood and metal dominant. Ceilings and drywall are installed according to plans of lighting, and LED lighting, fluorescent lights and lanes have been used. The walls are painted in shades of cool gray, while a plasterboard wall is covered with specially treated cement, to give the space an industrial style. The sea view from the room is maintained without obstacles. This apartment consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom, bed and terrace. The living room is complete with a dark interior and has a fireplace in the lounge. The white sofa is giving a positive side to the dark interior. This room is very large, so this is so there is no division in this area the space. Colorful in kid’s room design, white and minimalist kitchen is complementary with the dining table in dark. This modern and elegance apartment design interior, Enjoy!

modern interior design ideas Tectus

modern interior aparment Tectus

modern living room design Tectus

white interior design ideas Tectus

white sofa in modern apartment Tectus

interior design ideas Tectus

kitchen area in apartment Tectus

kitchen design in modern apartment Tectus

dining area and minimalist kitchen Tectus

dining table with LED Tectus

black white bedroom design in modern aparment Tectus

bedroom design in apartment Tectus

kid's bedroom design Tectus

bedroom design in apartment by Tectus

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