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Modern and Elegant Design Decor by Jessica Kelly

November 15, 2011 Interior Design  

modern living room decor Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly is a talented young designer who knows how to convert a normal within a modern and elegant design decor. She is best known for his ability to blend contemporary elements to create rustic and cozy urban decors. Let’s look at some of his creations. Notice how all the colors are perfectly balanced and the decor is simple but striking. Jessica Kelly managed to combine modern and elegant furniture with the warmth of the rustic fur rugs or vice versa, the joins between the pieces of rustic furniture and modern decor and decorations. Regardless of its elements, the result is always elegant and welcoming. I especially like the way she manages to combine colors. She does not use contrasting colors. The colors are part of the same palette and mix and match to form a harmonious and elegant.

elegant  living room decor Jessica Kelly

kitchen decoration ideas Jessica Kelly

kitchen decor Jessica Kelly

kitchen and dining decoration Jessica Kelly

dining table decor Jessica Kelly

dining room sets  Jessica Kelly

dining decor Jessica Kelly

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