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Minimalist Seat and Bed in One by Meike Langer

October 18, 2011 Chair & Sofa  

minimalist seat and  bed Meike Langer

Meike Langer created innovative furniture but simple piece, called Pause of some wood and big cushions, minimalist and modern. Combining a chair with a bed is a great idea that saves space and gives you the opportunity to relax, if you are tired of reading or working on the couch. The back is done in a very comfortable, just a wooden frame and some suspension cushions. Five large pillows navy blue and light blue include a soft seat that can be easily transformed into a bed. You can put your guests at this bed and not much space. This minimalist and bright seat is great for any space, comfortable and friendly. It is fantastic piece of furniture to complement your home

blue couch Meike Langer

blue armchair Meie Langer

minimalist seat and bed Mieke Langer

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