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Minimalist Gray Interior For A Young Women – Design by Vitaly Pavlenko

November 24, 2010 Apartments  

Aparment a young women living room

Vitaly Pavlenko is a minimalist designer apartments for young women, with the dominant colour gray. The 130 square meter apartment was optimized for the family of two but with a kids room. The living room and the kitchen feature red elements, the bedroom and the bathroom – green, the kids room and the small bathroom – orange. The apartment is mostly furnished by the Italian and French furniture. Thanks to quite complicated outline of exterior walls rooms are placed in a line on one side of the corridor. The corridor walls and room partitions made it an original feature of the interior. Smooth lines that characterize this space created the illusion of a large and spacious living area. By placing a large window then the free entry of light, fresh atmosphere in the wind freely into the room. So comfort is created when you first enter this room, clean spacious and luxurious[lui]

Aparment a young women family room

Aparment a young women dining room

Aparment a young women

Aparment a young women bedroom

Aparment a young women big  window

Aparment a young women bath room

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