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Minimalist Apartmen with Modern Style

January 4, 2011 Apartments  

modern living room design

Minimalist aparment is beautiful and cosy,  will be found  at Stadshem. The short and narrow hallway leads to the living room, where we find a relaxing design in tone with the peaceful living space. The living room is a little crowded, but the fluffy couch gives it the impression of  a fun and cozy. The kitchen: a beautiful space covered with dark tiles and contrasting with the bold white furniture, another colourful rustic carpet. A small dining corner joyfully recreates a modern version of the cottage family table. The bedroom seems a bit outdated, but the same rustic feeling covers the modern design. The bathroom is quite simple, and beautiful. Modern style pressed in every room, so minimalist apartment dwellers will be comfortable and feel welcome to stay.

modern kitchen design

modern style table in minimalist apartment

dinning table in minimalist apartment

white cabinet in minimalist aparment

white bedroom in minimalist apartment

work space in minimalist apartment

modern bathroom in minimalist apartment

minimalist apartment design

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