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Maxima Modern Kitchen Design by Composit – P.G. Cazzaniga

March 10, 2011 Kitchen Design  

modern kitchen prima maxima

If you looking for a modern kitchen design you can find in Composit company. Composit was born in 1974 by an idea of Belligotti brothers, and already set up a production activity of furningsings for houses with Belligoti tradmark for sixties. Maxima is one of the Composit  product, completely smooth surface disturbed by vertical and horizontal cuts, the total absence of handles, the technical field of interest all over the walls of the room  this is characteristic of the Maxima, in a wide choice of finish allows you to build a kitchen carved on different needs. And we are sure You do not hesitate to choose one product modern kitchen from Composit, where elements of design, search and quality are developed and aplied.

maxima a modern kitchen design

black and white kitchen design maxima

natural kitchen colors maxima

luxury black and white kitchen

dinamyc white kitchen maxima

cozy anf modern kitchen maxima

elegant black kitchen design

kitchen shelf maxima

modern kitchen Maxima

modern kitchen cabinet maxima

modern cabinet ktchen

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