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Luxury Villa with Ocean Stunning Views in Kamala, Phuket.

November 4, 2011 Villa  

luxury villa for sale Kamala

List price this luxury villa is USD 7,350,525, villa with 4- level and occupies 3.760 square feet. This villa provides a fusion of the inevitable charm of a tropical island oceanfront property located in Kamala, Phuket. The villa sits on a secluded stretch of coastline on the west coast and it offers spectacular ocean views and exquisite landscaping. The design elements of the interior and exterior space sit comfortably in perfect juxtaposition with the surrounding natural environment. Materials such as black hardwood terracing, marble tiles and granite floors contrast harmoniously with the unique design statements introduced throughout the property – plate glass vanities and shower screens with pebble and bamboo inclusions, iridescent beaded bathtubs and glass stairways. The villa includes a minimalist kitchen, a wine room, a sauna, a home cinema and a beautiful outdoor dining area. There’s also a barbeque area, a home theatre, an indoor Jacuzzi and a terrace. There’s also a large outdoor terrace and 4 parking spaces. The villa offers you everything you need for a dream vacation. It would make an extraordinary holiday home, the type of house that you can’t wait to get to and you never want to leave.

luxury villa design kamala Phuket

beautiful villa design kamala Phuket

luxury villa design in kamala Phuket

lounge area villa kamala Phuket

terrace luxury villa kamala Phuket

modern interior villa kamala phuket

luxury villa kamala Phuket

dining area in luxury vila kamala Phuket

modern interior villa kamala phuket

master suite bedroom villa kamala Phuket

modern bedroom villa kamala Phuket

luxury villa design Phuket

luxury bathroom villa kamala phuket

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