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Luxury Home with Extensive Views of the Sydney Harbor: Vaucluse House

November 12, 2011 Architecture  

luxury home Vaucluse House

MPR Design Group has design Vaucluse House, four level luxury homes with expansive harbour views from upper levels, situated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The modern house is composed of horizontal layers, with striking large windows glass in each level house, and contribute to the current visual contrast provided by the materials used (steel, glass and carved sandstone locally). Here description from project development team : The four-storey residence incorporates the main living room on the upper floor taking advantage of 180 degree views of the city and harbor. With exposure to the north and west and the ability to open fully to the outside, the house has an effective cross ventilation to deny the use of air conditioning. The house is connected by a shaft of light filled staircase with the entrance through a double height lobby level bedroom. The transition between the internal and external spaces means living areas flow balconies and covered terraces. This luxury home and modern interior design and playful kid’s room design. Enjoy!

luxury home MPR Design

luxury home design by MPR Design Group

luxury home design MPR Design Group

luxury home MPR Design Group

luxury home design Vaucluse House

luxury home Vaucluse House photos

dining table Vaucluse House

modern interior Vaucluse House

minimalist kitchen Vaucluse House

kids rooms Vaucluse House

playful kid room Vaucluse House

modern bathroom Vaucluse House

luxury home plans Vaucluse House 1

luxury home plans Vaucluse House 2

luxury home plans Vaucluse House 3

luxury home plans Vaucluse House 4

luxury home plans Vaucluse House 5

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