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Luxury Circular Planned Apartment in Darling Point

February 1, 2011 Apartments  

glossy living room design

Luxury circular planned apartment,  the wonderful landscape will look of the Harbour and surrounds with the potential 360 degree. The apartment  redesigned to celebrate the potential of an unhindered circular journey. These spaces were curved and splayed to counter the beautiful walnut lining of the core. Connecting all these spaces within a circular plan allowed for a wonderful series of vistas out to the city skyline, harbour and the tree canopies of Darling Point. large windows are placed with the purpose of making a bright room, the furniture in a curved design and the dominant white color will make the room look spacious and elegant. A splayed cast plaster bulkhead was installed in the general living space to enhance the curve theme, and conceal air conditioning grills while the general ceiling plane stays shy of the edge. Luxury circular planned apartment will be a favorite residence for you or a family. For more information please visit our web stanicharding.

living room circular planned apartment

cozy living room design

cozy lounge circular planned apartment

modern circular planned apartment design

beautiful circular planned apartment

lobby circular planned apartment

modern bedroom in circular planned apartment

minimalist kitchen design

modern circular planned apartment

minimalist bathroom design

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