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Luxury Apartments with Beauty of Sydney

December 21, 2010 Interior Design  

interior design in modern apartment

This luxury apartment has beautiful views of the city and the magnificent one of them was the apartment in Sydney.  Apartment  is located on level 16 of a circular 18 storey high tower in Darling Point, Sydney. The location allows occupants to gain extensive views of the harbour, its bridge and the Opera House. Each room has views of the city Sedney from its own angle, very satisfying when spend time with friend or being together with family. Modern style interior design and soft colors that make the atmosphere was warm and comfortable.  Some parts of room,  the wall space and the sky the sky was formed curved to increase the quality of the room looked very modern.  Almost all the main room floor covered with a soft woolen cloth and white furniture is very elegant. Anyone who lives here will feel the extraordinary atmosphere, feel at home because it is very convenient.[Stanic Harding.]

luxury apartment livingroom

modern apartment city views

minimalist aparment design

modern apartment design and white table

modern apartment livingroom

elegant modern apartment

modern design bedroom

cozy bedroom in modern apartment

minimalist interior apartment

modern apartment design

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